“In a gold rush, sell shovels.”

In a landscape fraught with cash grabs and rug pulls, it can be difficult to see the vast potential that a web3 future holds. Druid Ventures isn’t distracted by the shiny things. We’re bringing the strong emphasis on fundamentals from our collective history into a forward-looking fund focused on the evolution of blockchain.

The value shift towards builders and creators is happening quickly, but they need sound infrastructure, scalable architecture, and strong interoperability in products and protocols. Druid intends to be some of the first partners at the table supporting fundamentally strong companies who fit this profile, driving the creation of better products, and accelerating the accessibility needed for broad adoption of decentralized applications.


“It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.”

One of the most critical decisions an early-stage company can make is their choice of partners. Druid Ventures isn’t some disinterested board of directors churning out term sheets; we’re a resilient community of strategic investors and advisors made up of entrepreneurs, developers, tokenomics experts, and passionate evangelists for this industry.

We know how hard and lonely it can be turning a vision into a thriving business because we’ve been there. Through both failures and successes, we’ve learned how to spot the curveballs in advance, when to be tough and when to be kind, and how to use our mana to empower the teams we back through thick and thin. We know that at the end of the day, it’s all about the people and partnerships behind the product.


Our portfolio is made up of talented risk takers with a mission to push what’s possible, backed by driven teams and adept advisors.

Check sizes range from $200K – $1M+ and focus on tokens, equity, and a combination thereof.

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